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Pipeline inspection equipment provides clients with advanced and innovative products for pipe inspection and point repair that match the ever-changing and evolving demands of success-oriented customers.

Proteus pipe crawlers are available in 5 models to function in a wide variety of pipe sizes and to fit your budget. Crawlers are built to operate in pipes as small as 4 inches (CRP90) up to 87 inches (CRP300 with camera platform).

With Proteus’ modular design, you can start with a basic crawler and add on additional options such as large wheelsets, crawler cradles, and auxiliary light heads as the demands of your work change. This makes Proteus by far the most expandable and adaptable camera system on the market today.

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Fredrickson Supply in Grand Rapids knows that the best way to maintain pipes is to send a sewer camera down the drain line. Whether you need to schedule sewer cleaning or conduct a pipe inspection, you can count on us to offer the latest equipment sales. To request your quote for a pipe inspection camera, call us today at (888) 949-2385.

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