Why Sewer Cameras Should Be Your First Focus

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Sewer problems such as clogs or cracks can spell trouble if you don’t address them right away. In many cases, a clogged pipe has an easy solution. However, sometimes there’s an issue with the structure of the pipe itself, which can be costly and time-consuming to fix.

If you’re in the sewer pipe cleaning or repair business, you need to incorporate a sewer line camera into your maintenance routine. Here’s why our sewer repair equipment specialists recommend using a sewer line camera.

How do sewer line cameras work?

A sewer line camera is a flexible rod with a camera attached to one end. It’s equipped with lights so it can illuminate the inside of a sewer pipe. These cameras are often used by plumbers to identify potential issues within pipes. The camera is attached to a screen, allowing you to see the inside of the pipe in real-time.

They’re also equipped with technology to identify how deep into the sewer pipe the camera is, giving you an accurate idea of where any potential obstructions might be and are capable of recording the session so you can consult the video if there are any future problems with that pipe.

If a pipe is prone to frequent clogs, it’s a good idea to look into it with a sewer camera in order to get a better idea of the big picture. Often, there’s an underlying cause to pipes with constant problems. Even if a pipe is currently free of issues, you’ll be able to catch future problems early and identify scenarios that could require expensive maintenance down the line.

What problems can sewer cameras detect?

If you’re experiencing issues with sewer pipes, it’s always a good idea to investigate the issue before you try to open up the system. At Fredrickson Supply, we make it easy to rent or buy sewer cameras for your next project. A sewer camera is small enough to pass through sewer pipes to identify exactly what the issue is before you do anything else. Sewer cameras are highly accurate and can effectively detect almost any problem within a pipe.

This includes:

  • Cracks or punctures
  • Rust or other corrosion
  • Roots growing into the pipe
  • Breaks
  • Poor pipe installation
  • Leaks
  • Buildup or other clogs
  • Pipe deterioration
  • Unexpected obstacles

It’s always better to know what you’re dealing with before you begin an expensive sewer cleaning project. By starting with a sewer camera, you’ll know exactly what to expect and how to deal with it. In addition, you can ensure you’ll have all the equipment you need to treat the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.

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