How Does Hydro Excavation Protect Underground Utilities?

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In the past, companies would have to use backhoes to dig up property. Today, hydro excavation (also called vacuum excavation) gives you a better solution that doesn’t involve digging up as much of your customers’ yards or risking hitting underground utilities.

As a municipal equipment supplier, we can help your company get equipped with the latest in hydro excavation. Continue reading our blog post to learn how hydro excavation can protect underground utilities from getting damaged during your next project.

What is hydro excavation?

Hydro excavation means that you use highly pressurized water to expose underground infrastructure, such as sewer lines. Once you soften and break up the ground, a large vacuum sucks up the sludge into a debris tank on a hydro excavation truck. You can use hydro excavation for all different types of soil, such as clay and sand.

What is hydro excavation used for?

In the past, companies often used backhoes to access underground utilities. Today, we’re proud to supply the necessary hydro excavation equipment to help you get the job done in a way that’s less invasive than traditional excavation.

With vacuum excavation, you’ll be able to repair, replace, and install underground utilities without digging up someone’s entire yard. (Something your customers will appreciate.)

How does hydro excavation differ from air excavation?

As the name suggests, hydro excavation equipment requires water to operate. This is great for large projects, as water is a powerful force that can get big jobs done fast. However, you’ll need a water source to refill the hydro excavator, which can be inconvenient depending on the location of the project.

Air excavation does not require much water and can be more efficient for smaller projects. However, it lacks the power that hydro excavation can offer.

What are the benefits of hydro excavation?

Having a hydro excavation truck can help you stand out from the competition when people in your area are looking to hire a contractor. This is because homeowners often don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of having their entire front or back yard dug up.

Even when all the soil is replaced, the homeowner would still have to deal with spreading out grass seed and waiting for their lawn to grow. With a vacuum truck, you’ll be able to only remove what soil is necessary to complete the job.

Should I invest in a hydro excavation truck?

hydro excavation truck is a good investment if you have to deal with underground utilities on a regular basis. If you still aren’t sure whether you should make the switch from traditional to hydro excavation, think about the percentage of jobs you handle on a regular basis that would benefit from this technology. It seems wise to invest in a hydrovac truck if a significant percentage of your customers would benefit from vacuum excavation.

Investing in equipment for hydro excavation can also help you stand out from the competition, which helps out your company in the short and long term. If you wish to provide hydrovac services, we highly recommend checking out our municipal equipment supply in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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