How Many Snow Plows Does Your Municipality Need?

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We’re in the middle of winter. Are you able to keep up with the constant onslaught of snow and ice?

As a snow removal equipment company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we understand that it can be difficult trying to determine how many snow plows you need in your fleet.

Fortunately, we’ve created this blog post to help you determine the right number of snow plows for your municipality’s needs. Contact us today for more information!

How many snow plows does a city need?

Winter weather preparedness is important because road conditions affect safety, public transportation, school closings, deliveries, and other important functions of your municipality. Compared to other states, Michigan receives a lot of snow during the winter months. For this reason, it makes financial sense to maintain a fleet of snow plows and other snow removal equipment to keep major thoroughfares clear. To learn more about our snow plows for sale, call our municipal equipment supply company today.


Snow and ice increase the likelihood of traffic accidents. Fortunately, we offer different types of snow plows to help you keep your municipality’s roads clear during the winter months. The sooner you’re able to remove snow from major streets, the less likely you’ll have accidents that further slow down the flow of traffic. Fewer accidents also means fewer injuries. Call today to learn more about our municipal snow plows.

Public Transportation

Busses and other public transportation vehicles need to be able to drive their routes while keeping passengers safe. This can be difficult to do when the roads are slippery or piled with snow. Since many people depend on public transportation for work and school, it’s important you have enough snow plows to keep roads clear. Public transportation is especially important for people who are disabled, elderly, or otherwise unable to drive.

School Closings

The roads need to be clear enough that school busses are able to safely pick up and drop off students. Likewise, it’s important to keep in mind that many students walk to school or are driven by their parents. A fleet of snow plows can help keep the schools in your local district open.


Did you know grocery stores only stock a few days worth of food? Keeping your roads clear is important for making sure semi trucks full of groceries are able to make deliveries to local stores on time. Local companies also depend on the timely delivery of goods in order to meet deadlines and maintain normal business operations. Protect your local economy by making sure you have enough municipal snow plows in your fleet.

If you find you need more snow plows to keep up with accumulating snow, give us a call. We have a range of different municipal snow plows and other snow removal equipment for you to choose from. Having the right size fleet of snow plows for your municipality will help keep major roads clear so deliveries can reach their destinations according to schedule.

As a snow removal equipment company in Grand Rapids, we’re ready to help you choose from some of the best municipal snow plows for your budget. To learn more about our snow plows for sale, call Fredrickson Supply at (888) 949-2385.

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