How to Prepare Your Lawn Mower for Spring

Commercial Lawn Mower Supplier in Grand Rapids, MISpring is here! Are you ready for the busy mowing season ahead? As a Grand Rapids, MI lawn mower shop, we understand that lawn equipment is an investment in your business. Whether you’re a large company with a fleet of riding lawn mowers or you’ve just entered the industry, you can trust us to have some of the best lawn mowers for what you need.

Continue reading to learn how to prepare your lawnmower for spring. For more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to our municipal equipment company today for additional help.

Preparing your lawnmower for spring:

  1. Change spark plug.
  2. Clean or replace the air filter.
  3. Change oil.
  4. Sharpen blades.
  5. Clean lawn mower thoroughly.
  6. Lubricate moving parts.
  7. Take mower into a repair shop.

Change Spark Plug

Does your mower’s engine struggle when you try to start it? The problem may be an old spark plug. Before we reach peak mowing season, we recommend you change the spark plug so you can count on your commercial lawn mower to start when you need it most. In general, spark plugs are relatively easy and inexpensive to replace. Before performing additional maintenance on your commercial lawn mower, remove the spark plug for your safety.

Clean or Replace Air Filter

What type of air filter does your commercial lawn mower use? The answer will determine what you need to do with the air filter so it’s ready for the upcoming mowing season. If your lawnmower uses a foam type of air filter, clean it. If your lawnmower uses a paper type of air filter, replace it entirely.

It’s important that you replace or clean the air filter as needed, especially before the start of the mowing season, so your lawn equipment runs properly. Otherwise, a dirty air filter won’t be able to keep dirt from entering the engine through the carburetor. Replacing or cleaning the air filter as needed is a simple way to keep your lawn care equipment running for as long as possible.

Change Oil

When’s the last time you checked your oil? If you’re in charge of maintaining a fleet of commercial lawn mowers, it’s important that you check the level and condition of the oil. Any oil that is old or contaminated should be drained. You’ll especially know the oil needs to be changed if it’s a dark black color or has debris floating in it.

The easiest way to change the oil is to remove the drain plug underneath the lawnmower. Make sure that you have a container ready to catch the oil when it drains. If your commercial lawn mower doesn’t have a drain plug, you may need to carefully tilt the mower onto its side so the oil can drain through the fill hole. If you’re unsure how to change the oil and what type of oil your lawn mower needs, consult the owner’s manual.

Sharpen Blades

Your lawn mower blades have cut a lot of lawns. As such, it only makes sense that you would need to sharpen the lawnmower blades at the start of spring. Your lawnmower is only as effective as the blades are sharp. Dull lawn mower blades will only shred the tips of grass blades, which can turn your customers’ lawns brown over time. As a lawn care professional, you want to make sure you’re providing your customers with a clean cut every time, as opposed to simply tearing the tops of the grass blades.

Take some time this spring to inspect the condition of the lawnmower blades. Sometimes lawn mower blades can get damaged when they hit rocks or other debris. If this is the case, we highly recommend replacing the blades before the start of the mowing season. In any case, you should sharpen your lawnmower blades at least once a year.

Clean Lawn Mower Thoroughly

After the end of a successful mowing season, you’re going to have grass caked underneath your commercial lawnmower. Grass blades can also get caught in the crevices around the wheels and engine. Take the time to clean your lawnmower thoroughly so it’ll run efficiently this mowing season. Keeping your lawn mower clean will also help prevent rust.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual to lubricate the moving parts in your lawnmower. That way, your commercial lawn mower will run properly. The last thing you want is for your lawnmower to unexpectedly stop working when you’re in the middle of a job. Preventive maintenance helps gives you peace of mind so you can focus on producing the best results for your customers.

Take Mower into a Repair Shop

Whether you need more in-depth maintenance or you suspect something is wrong with your mower, you may need to take it to a repair shop. Keeping your lawn mower running helps keep your business running, which is why it’s important to address issues sooner rather than later.

As a municipal equipment and lawn mower shop in Grand Rapids, MI, we’re dedicated to helping business owners invest in lawn care equipment built to last. To request a quote for any of our commercial lawn mowers for sale, call Fredrickson Supply at (888) 949-2385.