What is Hydro Excavation?

Hydro Excavation Equipment Supplier in Grand Rapids, MIWhether you need to repair a sewer line or access underground utilities, there are major benefits to switching to hydro excavation. With a hydro excavation truck, you’re able to use highly pressurized water to remove dirt in a controlled way.

Unlike when you use a traditional excavator, a hydro excavation truck allows you to save time by targeting a specific area so you don’t have to dig up your customer’s entire yard. (A win-win situation!) Continue reading to learn why a hydro excavation truck is often worth the investment and how our municipal equipment company in Grand Rapids, MI can help.

Benefits of hydro excavation include:

  • Less site impact
  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Reduces risk of damaging underground utilities

Less Site Impact

Since a hydro excavation truck can be parked farther away from the job site, you won’t create as much traffic. The contractors we work with appreciate being able to explain these benefits to their customers because it gives them a competitive edge. Municipalities also appreciate hydro excavation because it helps them reduce construction zones, especially in downtown areas.

Hydro excavation also has less site impact because you only have to remove what dirt is necessary to access what’s underneath. In comparison, a traditional excavator is more invasive because it scoops up more dirt than what you need to access underground utilities or sewer lines.

Saves Time

We have everything excavation companies need to safely and efficiently dig their next job sites. Hydro excavation can help you save time because you don’t have to worry about digging more than you need to in order to access underground pipes. Since less soil is removed, you also won’t be spending as much time putting it all back.

Saves Money

Time is money. When you invest in a hydro excavation truck, you’ll be able to more efficiently remove soil from around underground utilities and sewer lines. The sooner you’re able to excavate your customer’s property, the sooner you’ll be able to move onto the next job. Many of the contractors we work with also appreciate that hydro excavation leaves a good impression on their customers.

A hydro excavation truck is a good investment if you have to deal with underground utilities on a regular basis. If you still aren’t sure whether you should make the switch from traditional to hydro excavation, think about the percentage of jobs you handle on a regular basis that would benefit from this technology. It seems wise to invest in a hydrovac truck if a significant percentage of your customers would benefit from hydro excavation.

Investing in equipment for hydro excavation can also help you stand out from the competition, which helps out your company in the short and long term. If you wish to provide hydrovac services, we highly recommend checking out our municipal equipment supply.

As a municipal equipment company in Grand Rapids, MI, we’ve helped plenty of business owners make the right investments in hydro excavation. To request a quote for any of our hydro excavation trucks, call Fredrickson Supply at (888) 949-2385.