What to Look for in CCTV Sewer Inspection Equipment

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What To Look For In Cctv Sewer Inspection Equipment

When it comes to checking on sewer lines or water mains, a camera and cable system is the fastest way to detect an issue so long as the pipe is accessible and the problem isn’t out of cable reach. In some instances, sewer pipe problems may require a sewer line crawler that can be controlled from ground level. For more information on cam systems and what to look for in a manufacturer, keep reading.

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System Weight

Inspecting pipes can be a tricky business, and having a reliable push camera system that helps get in hard to access locations will save you from dozens of headaches.

Camera and cable systems that are bulky or over 100 lbs should always be avoided. They cause back problems, on the job injuries, and are a pain to move up and down staircases should a home’s basement drainage line need to be inspected.

We like to offer a simple formula for system weight: For every 100ft of cable, expect no more than 25 lbs. So, a 400ft cable system should weigh less than 100 lbs!

System Power

You’ll also want to look for a system that offers a rechargeable battery.

Nothing is worse than having to walk back and forth from your monitor to the space you’re working at because the closest outlet is on the other side of the room. Extension cords can ease this, sure, but if you need to move the monitor around you’ll constantly have to check for extension cord tripping hazards.

Battery-powered systems allow you to be flexible in your work, and you don’t have to fear someone snagging their foot on an extension cord and yanking your system to the ground.

Quality Video

Other than usability, video is the most asked about a thing when it comes to push cam systems for pipe inspections. And that makes sense, right? You clearly want to see what you’re looking at down the pipeline.

Video terminology can get kind of tricky when it comes to push cam systems. As much as you want to look for a company that offers quality around 400 TV Lines or resolution around 640×480, it might make more sense to look for two other things:

  • Light Brightness (measured in LED usually)
  • Frame Rate (Measured in FPS usually)

Basically, the higher the number for each of these features means the better image quality for pipe inspections is. An example is how a 12 LED light source is clearly more powerful than a 6 LED Light source and offers a better image.

This is important because the light is what helps capture clarity in a shot because it affects exposure. Without a sufficient light source, a camera will struggle to get a clear image of what’s in a pipe.

The Frame Rate is important because a low framerate can make your image look jumpy, and you may miss important details while inspecting a pipeline. A popular manufacturer we recommend that creates high-grade, quality sewer inspection products is Proteus.

Monitor Protective Casing

The display screen that comes with your push cam system is one thing.

Make sure it’s LCD, bright enough, and won’t be easily damaged or quickly die.

But something people often overlook is the protective case that goes around the screen to shield it from accidents and travel bumps that might damage sewer inspection equipment.

We’ve noticed some companies use cheap plastic or a casing that may seem durable, but doesn’t actually hold up should a fall or impact occur. We recommend using a push camera system that comes with a pelican case.

Pelican cases are known for their watertight locks, crushproof durability, and product longevity. Don’t invest in a push cam system that may seem useful, but doesn’t come with the gear to make it last.

Need Supplies for a Pipe Inspection?

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