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If your job involves the use of heavy equipment, it’s important to carry out regular inspections to make sure everything is running safely and smoothly. Failing to inspect your equipment can lead to a number of problems later on.

First and foremost, a lack of equipment inspection can lead to employee injuries, which bring a lot more troubles. Your equipment can become less effective costing you more time per job. Also, any small repairs you miss can become expensive overhauls if left unchecked.

Our heavy equipment company recommends inspecting your equipment regularly to ensure its longevity. Here’s why regular machinery inspections are important for your business.

Catch Problems Early

When it comes to heavy equipment, big problems can sometimes start off as small ones. For example, a small change in a machine’s alignment can worsen over time, creating noticeable issues with its overall performance.

The issue might not be that obvious at first, but catching it early would save you a lot of hassle. It’s also generally less expensive to fix a small issue when it first appears than to wait until it becomes a bigger problem.

Regular inspections of your machinery can help you identify problems like these before they spiral out of control. When you inspect your heavy equipment on a regular basis, you’ll be the first one to notice when things start to go awry.

Keep Employees Safe

As a business owner or contractor, the safety of your employees and coworkers should be your number one priority. Inspecting the equipment your company uses on a daily basis will ensure that they won’t be harmed by malfunctioning machinery.

If an employee is injured on the job, you’ll lose time and money while they take time off to recover. Worse, you could be liable in a lawsuit if the injury was caused by faulty equipment. Regular inspections help you ensure that your equipment is safe, reducing the risk of injury for your employees and helping your case if someone tries to sue.

Maintaining your equipment builds trust with your employees and keeps accidents at bay. Your reputation matters and you want to be known in your industry as someone who cares. If employee retention is a problem in your company, then building a culture of safety and genuine care for your employees will help boost your retention and reputation more than anything else.

How to Conduct Machine Inspections

Your machine inspections should be thorough every time. It helps to have a checklist of each feature to be sure they’ve all been examined. This checklist should be specific, meaning you’ll need a different list for each type of equipment in your arsenal.

When inspecting your heavy equipment, consistency is key. It’s important to inspect the machine the same way each time so you’ll notice when things are different. Check the equipment and the surrounding area for anything that might be out of place. Are there any leaks or screws that have fallen out?

If you notice anything that seems off about a particular machine, don’t just brush it off. Call our repair technicians immediately to get your equipment back in good working order. Even if the repairs are pricey, you’ll save more by getting it done than if you push it aside and allow it to worsen.

Need to Repair Your Equipment?

Did you recently inspect your equipment and find you need to make some repairs? Or do you have any questions about heavy equipment repair? Fredrickson Supply in Grand Rapids provides everything you need to get the job done.

Collectively, our staff has over 80 years of experience in the equipment supply and repair business, so you can trust that we know our stuff! We are proud to serve contractors in and around West Michigan. To learn more about our heavy equipment for rent, contact us at (888) 949-2385.

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